Creativity and Strategy

This was a very cool brief, the initial idea was to create tutorials for the brand that would help them increase 3 points in brand awareness. The request was to make them interesting (humorous), sports marketing oriented and to include a celebrity. We asked them:  

- How long do you want the image release for?

And one of the Junior executives said:

- "Forever!", 

Everyone laughed and told her it was unreal... but we said... 


We came back with what they wanted but we included a twist that made us win the pitch, to partner up with Club the Cuervos (directed & produced by Alazraki Films).


  • Creativity
  • Strategic Design


  • Not just one, but many celebrities (including rights)
  • Main sponsors of one of the most seen football teams in Mexico
  • +3 points in brand awareness
  • Extremely humorous
  • Well... no real tutorials but "product inceptions"