Presentation and Driving Experience

Together with Infiniti, we have walked a long way and we came to the presentation of QX50 in 2018. It was the most important in 5 years, they wanted something that presents the kind of luxury they are, so we "decontextualize" the traditional ideas of luxury and rebuilt an abandoned hotel, we created a menu with Carlos Gaytán (1st Mexican Chef with a Michelin Star) and many collaborations with different artists.


Also we draw a unique Driving Route to test the new QX50s starting at the bottom of a volcano in Colima and ending up at the beach in Careyes, one of the most unique hotels in the world.


  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Development
  • Execution


  • 4 cars wer sold directly in the event
  • Media ROI 5:1
  • Collaborations with several international artists