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We have Decentralized Senior Teams (DSTs) to offer high quality marketing, advertising and communication services with outstanding results.

Recurso 12

Brand Strategy & Creativity

Transforming data into valuable insights to create powerful ideas that drive the industry forward.

Recurso 11

Design & Content Studio

Talented multimedia creators crafting our captivating and irresistible communication.

Recurso 10

Digital Marketing

Amazing crew that creates digital strategies, materializes campaigns, develops websites, analyses the internet, improves through SEO, data and trends analysis and manages paid and unpaid media, and also strong at Web3 marketing.

Recurso 9

Production House

A dynamic and skilled crew that loves creating audio visual masterpieces across all media platforms, able to partner up with top creatives, directors and producers.

Recurso 8

Experiential Marketing (CatharsisLab)

Senior team that excels at forging emotional connections between brands and people through unforgettable experiences.

Recurso 7

IRM & Celebrity Liaison

Efficiency over hype: we specialize in facilitating exceptional collaborations for brands, celebrities, artists, and influencers.

Specialized heroes
for specific needs!



We incorporate a design thinking methodology and holistic production approach to drive exponential outcomes and continuous improvement.